In Memory of David Lama(Career Highlight Reel)

Author of publication : Justin Long

I always dreamed of climbing with David. I would watch videos of David climbing with Conrad Anker and say… when I’m 28, David will be 42 and I’ll be climbing with him. Sadly, those dreams are now destroyed, as David was killed in an avalanche, alongside Jess Roskelley and Hansjorg Auer. They were climbing the M-16 route on Howse Peak. When I first heard the news on Wednesday, I paused… This can’t be real… This wouldn’t happen to David. But after many hours, I finally admitted to myself David is gone. We must not remember David as a man who died in an avalanche… but instead remember him as the thoughtful, energetic and motivated person he was. Rest in peace David… may your legacy live on.