Rope access window cleaning in Canada includes rigging and entire drop.

Author of publication : BrodyYYC

First time I’ve brought my GoPro in a while. This building is in Red Deer in central Alberta. Extremely easy rigging and lots of swing for 3 windows. Was a nice day to just listen to music and clean windows 🙂 I used to use a bluetooth speaker but now I just turn my phone on full volume and keep it in that case on the shoulder strap of my harness. I also really like using these dent pulling suction cups that you get get from amazon or an automotive shop for under $10. If you were wondering what kind of squeegee channel I’m using it’s what happens when you put an Unger Ninja in a bucket of chemicals. Sorry that I don’t know how to put more than one royalty free songs on here but I kept the original sound so the last 30 minutes are a good representation of what it sounds like up there.